While specific skills sets for each craft vary, there are general knowledge requirements that all field employees should possess in order to be successful in their chosen craft.

Math - The minimum math ability usually associated with construction careers is the ability to calcualte surfaces, volumes, angles, weights and measure. You should be able to use variables and formulas which are normally found in most industry approved trade books for your craft (i.e. Pipefitters Blue Book, Ugly's Book for Electricians, etc.)

Reading - In keeping with most client site requierments, an employee must have the ability to read and understand safety requirements, instructions, specifications, methods and procedures in the English language.

Writing - Must have the ability to write simple reports with correct format using correct spelling and grammar in the English language.

Speaking - Must have the ability to speak using correct English with a well modulated voice.

Training - Training can be with on-the-job and/or formal education. The formal education usually associated with craft training is at approved trade or technical schools. On-the-job training may be work on the job with some in-house training program provided. The length of schools and training may vary from 1 year to 4 years.

Chain of Command - the employee must understand that the reporting system used for problems and information is as follows: (1) Crewleader (2) Foreman (3) General Foreman and (4) Superintendent.